Patriot Torqx 64 GB SSD
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 02-24-2010
Provided by: Patriot Memory
Inside the Torqx

Opening the Torqx requires you to remove four small screws on the bottom of the drive. Doing so will void your warranty so I wouldn't recommend it which is why we are doing it for you here to see.

Inside the case we find a blue PCB with a standard chip layout. Patriot is using Samsung K9HCG08U1D NAND Flash memory which is a large-block MLC (multi-level cell) in an eight chip configuration. MLC memory can store multiple bits of data per cell while SLC (single-level cell) chips can only store one bit per cell. For this reason, SLC is much faster than MLC and also has a much longer lifespan. Typically, MLCs wear out between 1,000 and 10,000 writes while SLCs can last up to 100,000 before expiring. The big difference here is price - expect to pay at least 3x more for a similar capacity SLC drive.

The controller in the Torqx is an Indilinx IDX110M00-LC, a popular controller also found in drives from other manufacturers like OCZ and Mushkin. Unlike the JMicron controllers from earlier drives, the Indilinx is a proven winner and shouldn't present any problems.

We also have a 64 MB Elpida S51321DBH-6DTS buffer chip which should eliminate the presence of any stuttering during heavy use. Some early SSDs lacked sufficient cache and thus, data would bottleneck as the controller struggled to process information under heavy loads.

Move ahead as we install the Patriot Torqx and cover firmware updating and benchmarking.

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