Titan TTC-G3T Aluminum Notebook Cooling Pad
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-19-2006
Provided by: CrazyPC
First Look

The Titan G3T arrives in see-through plastic packaging, showing off the front and rear of the product.

The back of the package also details the product features and specifications.

Included with the laptop cooler is the USB power cord and a package of stick-on rubber anti-skid dots that can be used either on the top of the pad or the bottom of your laptop.

The fan and electronics housing can be accessed from the underside of the cooler. The housing can be opened and the fans flipped around to function as exhaust (blowing up) rather than intake.

The G3T has a very slim profile. On the left side is the power outlet and the on/off switch with indicator LED.

Time to "install" my laptop.

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