Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-21-2011
Provided by: Thermaltake
Unboxing - First Look

The Jing comes in a large box with green styling and Thermaltake logos. Just inside of the box we find an accessory package along with instructions for both AMD and Intel sockets. The accessory box is well organized and has everything clearly labeled. Thermal paste is included as well.

Opening the foam cushioning the first thing that you notice is – its green. If you are going for a certain color styling in your build, you will need to take this into account. Initially I wasn’t sure about the color, but it isn’t as loud as I thought it would be. Looking around the cooler there are two 120mm fans that clip onto either side. There are 41 fins arranged in a single tower design with five 6mm heatpipes passing through them.

Taking a closer look at the bottom of the cooler we see the five heatpipes passing through the copper base. Turning it over we can see that the base is highly reflective as seen by the screw sitting on top of it. It depends on who you talk to as to how much of a shine is needed, though I have yet to see a noticeable difference between a mild finish and a highly polished one.

Next we will take a look at installing the Thermaltake Jing.

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