NZXT Tempest EVO
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-19-2010
Provided by: NZXT

With the side panel removed we get a look at the new nine-blade fans NZXT uses for increased airflow with minimal noise. Although NZXT doesn't list any hard numbers for them, as we would find out later they are very effective and quiet. Every surface inside the case has been painted black, even the drive bay adapters. This is a new feature on the EVO, the original Tempest only offered a plain steel painted interior.

The front bezel is held on by simple post clips that only require a firm tug to remove. All of the mesh filler panels are backed with foam that acts as a filter for the fans. Only the top three bays are left open for adding 5" devices, however either or both of the 3" drive cages can be removed to free up more bays. Although I/O ports and switches are located in the top panel there is LED lighting in the front so some wiring is present. The accessory box contains mounting hardware, cable management clips, a small motherboard speaker and three sets of tool-less rails for the 5" bays. All of this is pretty much a carry-over from the original Tempest case.

The lower mount location has four rubber posts to support the power supply off the bottom of the case. There are screw holes to allow the power supply to be mounted facing towards either the top or bottom. This is new for the EVO model, as is the intake opening in the bottom of the case. The riser slots have black mesh filler plates and use screws to hold down expansion cards rather than a tool-less snap, clip or other attachment. The motherboard tray is labeled for standoff installation and has stamped sections for stiffness. Large grommeted openings allow cables to pass through for better management and appearance. One 120mm fan is placed on the rear and two 140mm fans up top to act as exhaust.

The 5" drive rails support up to nine devices at the front, with two 3" drive cages occupying the bottom six bays. Each cage is capable of holding four 3" drives, and plastic rails come already attached in the cage slots to support all eight positions. Each cage also has a 120mm intake fan mounted at the front behind the plastic bezel where air is directed over and between the drives. The cages are held in place with screws but can be easily removed if additional 5" bays are needed. The top three bays have tool-less drive locks installed which can be used independently of the three sets of rails included in the accessory box. So you could have six 5" devices mounted before you'd need to start using screws to attach them. The drive locks can also be removed entirely in lieu of the rails which provide a more secure attachment since they lock both sides rather than just one.

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