OCZ Tempest CPU Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-03-2006
Provided by: OCZ Technology

As I mentioned earlier, despite the manual stating that the fan comes pre-attached to the mounting ring, the two came separate in the box. Since there are no directions for mounting, we are left on our own to figure it out, fortunately it is not difficult to do so.

It was however very awkward trying to get screws through the bottom holes of the fan using a typical screwdriver. Another method might be to use a small jewelers screwdriver which would fit down through the top hole.

To prepare the heatsink for mounting to the motherboard I attach the two 939 brackets. Unfortunately these require a different backing plate, so the motherboard must be pulled in order to change that out.

With the new backing plate in place, these spring mounted screws attach through the brackets. I had to exert quite a bit of force in order to compress the springs enough to get the threads started. Due to a line of capacitors along the one side of the CPU socket on my board I had to mount the Tempest with the heatpipes curved towards the memory slots.

After tightening the mounting screws the fan clips into place easily, and the 3-pin connector can be plugged directly into the motherboard fan header.

With the lights off and the Tempest fired up the LED effect of the fan is very noticeable. The fan was observed to operate very quietly as advertised, however I noticed a good bit of vibration from it. It could be felt immediately upon touching the exterior of the case, and is bad enough to be audibly noticeable.

Now to put the Tempest through some performance tests.

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