TekNmotion Yapster Gaming Headset
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-15-2008
Provided by: TekNmotion
Testing / Conclusion

Since there is no software or driver to install, the Yapster setup is very easy. Simply plug the audio connectors into your sound card jacks and specify any configuration needed through your sound properties. After some trial and error I set both the playback and record levels to 75% and adjusted the microphone boost to +10dB or around 33% of the 0dB to +30dB scale. The microphone setup is the most difficult of the two, if having to make one or two adjustments can be called "difficult", as the in-line control box offers continuously adjustable volume but only on or off microphone switch. Microsoft Vista offers a built-in level meter for testing the microphone input whereas with XP or other OS you may have to rely on the sound card driver utilities.

While not quite the sound quality or distinct separation of a virtual surround sound headset, the output from the Yapster does a decent job of reproducing sounds. Listening to music through them does sound a bit flat (there's not much depth to it), and coming from a Dolby 5.1 headset there was a very noticeable difference in gaming. The Yapster simply does not have the same level of separation since it does not have the advantage of multiple pairs of drivers working for it. Although for a simple 2-channel headset, both the speakers and the microphone work fine after a bit of tweaking on the levels.

The Yapster headset is fairly light weight and sits well on the head. The over-ear cups are comfortable and don't seem to have any pressure points even after hours of gaming. The same goes for the headband, although after an hour I'd find myself rotating the headset forward or backward to alleviate the small amount of pressure it was placing on the top of the head. The cord was plenty long enough to reach my ears from the back of the PC and the control box was easy to use, although the controls could be a bit better. The volume knob is tiny and both it and the mute switch are not easy to tell which way you're moving them, especially when in low-light conditions.

But considering that I found the Yapster online for under $20, the relatively few number of shortcomings can easily be overlooked. I can't recall ever seeing a set of "gaming" headphones with mic for that price and certainly not on a pair that are this comfortable to wear. I have no problem granting the TekNmotion Yapster Gaming Headset our OCIA.net Seal of Approval for these reasons.

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