Tagan El Diablo Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-04-2007
Provided by: Tagan
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The El Diablo has a smooth black surface paint that seems very durable and what I would call a semi-gloss finish. The side panel has a large cutout covered with mesh rather than a window, to maximize airflow from the huge 360mm fan no doubt. The lower side and upper front panels are accentuated with gray/silver sections with LED lights built in. The side pieces double as vents and the front panel hides a hinged bay door.

The rear of the case houses a cutout for a standard 120mm exhaust fan, not included. The power supply opening has a trim plate to fit a regular ATX unit, or the plate can be removed in order to install a larger server-class power supply. The top of the case features a plastic flap that opens to reveal USB, Firewire and audio ports. The flap is not spring loaded or held shut by magnet or other means, and actually feels somewhat cheap and possibly easy to break.

The front mounted fan is clear with a tapered nosecone, giving it that jet engine appearance. The opening is covered with more of the same mesh used in the side panel. The mesh seems to be very non-restrictive and should not inhibit airflow much at all. Four case feet can be rotated out to provide extra side-to-side stability. The front panel bay door is held shut by a magnet and takes a semi-firm pull to open. The hinges feel very sturdy and the door has some mass to it, no doubt in part from the LED lights built in and the fact that both front and back are covered in finish pieces. Power and reset buttons are located at the bottom to either side of the 3" bay. The 5" covers snap out easily with tabs on either side. All of the black plastic used on the front panel closely matches the finish on the rest of the case however the gloss is easily marred by fingerprints.

Continue for a closer look inside the El Diablo.

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