NZXT Switch 810 Tower Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-20-2012
Provided by: NZXT

The front panel snaps off revealing the dual 120/140mm intake fan positions. The solid-appearing lower panel is actually spaced out to give a small gap around the edges and includes a built-in filter. The whole piece, just like the bottom filters, can be easily removed for cleaning. Here we also see the hot-swap drive dock in the bottom 5" bay, which can be accessed by removing the blank cover. The covers snap out by squeezing the tabs from the front so you don't have to remove the entire panel. The side panel is removed by taking out the thumbscrews and then sliding the panel to the rear. This must be done by palming the side of the panel as there are no finger relief points along the rear edge to grab. The side panel window is held in place by metal tabs inserted through holes in the plastic, then bent over flat.

The inside of the Switch has lots of room and plenty of openings to run cables. The power supply mount has integrated stand-offs with rubber pads to support it. The nine riser slot blanks are vented and held in with thumbscrews. As mentioned previously, the three top 120/140mm fans can be mounted either above or below the chassis, or possibly both if using a radiator with a push/pull fan configuration. The CPU access hole has been enlarged to accommodate various socket positions.

As you can see, NZXT has more than doubled the usual number of openings to pass cabling through the motherboard tray, with rubber grommets protecting each one. There are two individually removable 3" drive cage modules, each holding up to three drives and a 120/140mm fan. The fan(s) can either work in conjunction with the front intake fan(s) or can be angled to direct airflow up to 15 with the pivoting mount. The top 5" cage, containing the front I/O panel and recessed optical drive bay, can also be removed if extra room is needed for a top-mount radiator. The center three 5" bays are fixed and riveted to the chassis.

The back side of the Switch houses space for cabling and provides access to the six 3" drive bays. A power distribution board is located in the center of the motherboard tray for running up to seven 3-pin fans off of a single 4-pin Molex connection. All of the wiring for fans and front panel connections is jacketed in black and a sleeved 8-pin CPU power extension is included in the accessory box. A manual, some Zip ties and various hardware are individually packaged and labeled for installation.

Speaking of installation, let's get some gear loaded up in the Switch 810.

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