Swiftech H20-X20 Edge Liquid Cooling Kit
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 09-21-2010
Provided by: Swiftech

The core of the Edge cooling system is the Apogee XTL water block. The included adjustable mounting bracket and three different backing plates allow installation on Intel 775, 1156 or 1366 sockets. Chrome 1/2" barb BSPP fittings, hose clamps, Arctic Ceramique and instructions are also included. An optional installation kit to fit Intel Xeon processor and AMD 754/939/AM2/+/3 sockets is available free of charge, you just have to request it and Swiftech will ship it to you.

The "budget friendly" XTL offers the same bottom copper plate with micro-pin matrix and has the same flow characteristics as the XT. It differs in that it utilizes a Delrin top instead of chrome-plated brass, and thus does not have the reversible inlet/outlet plate of the XT to allow the use of extra large compression fittings. I am glad to see a much more finished-looking AMD mounting bracket with rolled edges and chrome plating, as opposed to the rough-cut plate we were supplied with the Apogee GTZ. The base of the copper plate has a nearly perfect mirror finish.

The MCRX20 Drive series R2 combines the properties of radiator, reservoir and pump in one unit. The 320 included with our kit comes with three 120mm fans with chrome grills attached. Many mid and full tower cases made recently have provisions for mounting dual or triple 120mm radiators in the top panel, but unfortunately the original MCR Drive units could not be utilized in this overhead configuration due to the likelihood of air becoming trapped inside the pump cavity. Swiftech has addressed this issue with their second revision model by extending the reservoir section above the level of the pump inlet in sort of an "L" shape. The pump itself is an updated version of the popular Laing DDC-based MCP350/355, now called the MCP35X. Instead of fixed 3/8" inlet/outlet the 35X now offers standard BSPP threads and includes 1/2" fittings with the unit.

Additionally the MCP35X pump can now be PWM controlled, adjusting RPM from 1300 up to 4500 through motherboard BIOS. Most motherboards do have a 4pin PWM enabled header for the CPU fan, which the MCP35X will plug right into. The pump still draws power for the +12v from a separate 4pin Molex connector. Although I didn't feel that the MCP350 pump used in the Apogee Drive was necessarily loud, having the ability to drastically reduce the pump RPM now enables the system to run virtually silent.

Continue ahead as we prepare the Swiftech H20-320 Edge for installation.

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