Swiftech Quiet Power P180 Liquid Cooled Barebone
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-22-2007
Provided by: Swiftech
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The Antec P180 has become a very popular case since it was released due to it's exceptional build quality and it's ability to run at near silent noise levels. Antec achieved this by layering the panels, using plastic in the middle with aluminum on either side to dampen the sound coming from the case and to reduce vibrations. The P180 has a clean design with nothing to distract from it's black sleek finish except for the meshed top exhaust fan shroud. The only way to tell the Swiftech Quiet Power P180 from a stock Antec P180 is the Swiftech badge on the front door and the port-hole on the right side panel.

The P180 comes with four 5.25" and one 3.5" external device bays located behind the lockable front door panel. Also behind the front door is where you'll find the power and reset buttons. Placing the buttons behind the door will allow you to keep your system secure from other people turning your system on and looking through your data when you're not there. Under the 5.25" bays are two push-to-open doors. Behind these doors are removable dust filters to help keep your system clean. I found these filters to be fairly restrictive in regards to air flow, but their basic design was to help reduce sound levels, which they do very well. I think they could be improved upon a bit more to increase cooling. The front panel USB, Fire Wire and Audio ports are all accessible from the outside with the door closed which makes using them much easier by not have to open a door every time.

On the top, near the rear of the case, you'll find a 120mm exhaust fan that has a built in honeycomb style grill. Along with the grill, Antec has supplied a raised style meshed shroud that mounts in the grooves in the top. I'm not totally sure as to why Antec has opted for two different methods of protection for the fan, but my best guess would be that the raised mesh one is to keep small items from falling into the fan and having it raised helps reduce fan noise.

The rear of the case is pretty much the same as most other cases out there except for the bottom mounted PSU, but this method is becoming more popular these days. You'll also notice that there is a lot of extra room above the 120mm exhaust fan. I think it would have been a great idea if Swiftech would have pre-drilled tubing holes for those folks that may want to upgrade their cooling system to one of Swiftech's Quiet Power MCR220 or 320 radiators (both will fit, I checked). You can see in the last photo that I drilled out a couple of holes for tubing that can be used in the future.

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