Swiftech Quiet Power P180 Liquid Cooled Barebone
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-22-2007
Provided by: Swiftech
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First Look Cont.

As I stated earlier, the water cooling is basically a Swiftech H20-120 Premium kit with a few slight changes for use in the Quiet Power P180. The only real difference between the components in the H2O-120 Premium kit and the Quiet Power P180 is there is no need for the MCB120 Radbox and Swiftech is using a new type of tubing.

The radiator is mounted to the rear 120 exhaust fan, thus keeping everything completely inside the case. There is one slight problem with the radiator/fan in this position though. Owners of DFI Lan Party boards that use the onboard Karajan Audio will find that the fan is in the way slightly. This is not due to the Swiftech parts, it's due to the design of the Antec case and the positioning of this audio riser card. This seems to be a big problem with a lot of cases out there on the market these days and it's not just limited to Antec, so if you have a board that has Karajan Audio, you'll have to leave it off your board as I did and use an add in sound card of some sort.

Swiftech pre-mounted the MCP350 pump in front of the PSU mount area and they also pre-drilled a second set of mount holes about one inch forward of the stock position. The second set of mount holes will need to be used if you are using a PSU that has modular cable connectors as they are normally a bit longer than PSU's with fixed cables. If you have to use the alternate mount position, you will also have to relocate the lower 120mm fan to the other side of the mount bracket. There's no need to worry if this all sounds a little confusing; Swiftech clearly explains all of this in the included instructions. One word of caution though, if you have one of those new extra long high wattage PSU's, you might run into a space problem due to the design of the case itself.

The MCW-Micro reservoir is pre-mounted on the backside of the upper hard drive rack in such a manner that makes it easy to loosen and slide out for servicing. To aid in letting you know just when the system needs servicing, Swiftech has modded the right side case panel and fitted it with a backlit port-hole, so checking the fluid level is a simple matter of looking down at your case.

Swiftech included their extremely popular APOGEE CPU water block with the system and they have already installed and leaked tested the complete cooling system. Unless you have a AMD socket M2, all you'll need to do is install the block, connect the two hoses and fill the system. If you have an AMD socket M2 based system, you'll need to switch out the water block's mounting plate. Swiftech covers this in their instructions and the M2 mount plate is also included in the kit.

The A-60 Norprene tubing that's used on the Quiet Power P180 is something totally new for me; it's the first I've seen or heard of it. It's great to work with and when used in conjunction with Swiftech's Smartcoils, you can route the tubing just about anywhere without worrying about kinking. Some users may not like the solid black color of the tubing though, but it does have it's advantages such as reduced service intervals due to discolored tubing.

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