Swiftech H220-X AIO Liquid Cooler
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-03-2014
Provided by: Swiftech

Here at OCIA.net we've reviewed lots of Swiftech gear over the years, including my first Swiftech review back in 2008 of the H20-220 Compact kit. At that time, liquid cooling was reserved mostly for computer enthusiasts as manufacturers "kits" were frowned upon as a low-cost, low-quality combination of parts that resulted in worse than top-end air cooling performance. The H20-220 Compact broke from that mold, combining Swiftech's Apogee pump with a high quality block and dual 120mm radiator. Although it still required some assembly, its performance was pretty incredible.

Also out that same year, we began to see AIO or All-In-One pre-sealed kits based on the Asetek design. The first we took a look at was the NorthQ 3580 Siberian Tiger cooler. With its benefits of a sealed system that required no setup, filling or leak testing, combined with performance that rivaled some high-end air coolers of the day, the Asetek design proved to be popular with many converts, those who were looking for something better than air cooling but not quite ready for the intricacies of a full-blown liquid cooling setup.

I mention both of these past reviews because, as things would turn out, Asetek would file patent infringement lawsuits against a handful of AIO liquid cooling manufacturers. Last year, Swiftech pulled their H220 AIO cooler from the US market, promising that they would soon offer something in its place. From what I understand, the primary patent discrepancy has to do with the combining of the water pump and CPU block into one unit. Swiftech had already moved the pump into the radiator/reservoir with their other kits, like the H20-320 Edge.

Now they are introducing the H220 replacement AIO, the H220-X, which shares this same configuration.

The Swiftech H220-X combines the MCP30 pump into either a dual 120mm or dual 140mm radiator, similar to their previous MCR-X20 Drive series. The H220-X, however, relocates the pump from the end of the radiator to a spot beside the fins for a more compact length. They've also integrated a backlit reservoir window so users can easily check the coolant level without opening up the system. Finally they opted to integrate their current flagship water block, the Apogee XL, which we've already reviewed and determined to be Swiftech's best performing design yet. Combine all that into one pre-assembled and pre-filled package with mounting hardware to support all current AMD and Intel sockets and offer it at a ridiculously low price, and Swiftech is sure to have a winner with the H220-X.

Join us as we take a closer look.

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