Super Talent Vidego28
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-13-2008
Provided by: Super Talent
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I can find very few things wrong with the Super Talent Vidego, and less that are not petty. The first complaint I have is that picture browsing is very slow. By very slow, we're talking 4-5 seconds to load a picture often times. Also, when viewing pictures, you cannot listen to music at the same time, which will be frustrating for those who like to keep all senses entertained. Finally, the headphones included are horrendous: they are uncomfortable and play low quality sound. Three complaints, not so bad right? On to the good stuff.

The first thing that really stood out with the Super Talent Vidego was the screen quality. Browsing through the included pictures, I was surprised at how crisp, bright and even the display was. Between pictures and videos, it was truly impressive to see such a nice display. I was also quite pleased with the quality of the external speaker and microphone. The volume on the Vidego ranges on a scale from 0 to 40, and at all levels, the speaker never distorts when playing any kind of music, from folk to electronic. Likewise, the microphone saved recordings that were on par with those on gaming headsets.

It was also very thoughtful of Super Talent to include a video converter on their driver CD. This takes all of the guessing games out of adding videos to your player that are common among other similar products. Adding any file, in fact, is very easy. When attached to the computer, the Vidego appears as a flash drive, and music, pictures and other files can all simply be dragged in. There is no extra software or transfer wizard necessary.

The batteries on the Vidego seemed to last for an extremely long amount of time. Listening to music on the player any chance I got for a few days in a row left the battery with about three-quarters left. After a week of no use, the battery is still at three-quarters! In all two weeks of testing, I only needed to charge the Vidego once for a couple of hours. Because you can charge from a computer or a wall socket, you can keep the Vidego with you basically at all times without the battery causing a hindrance. Furthermore, having an AC to USB power adapter seems like a very helpful item, even for uses unrelated to the Vidego.

At 4GB for the largest available Vidego, it might seem a little small in comparison to other players out there. Taking into consideration the potential for 4GB more in a MicroSD card, however, you're now looking at 8GB which is a very legitimate amount of space. At around $85 USD at a popular online reseller, you're definitely getting a great bang for the gig with this option.

It's easy to look at the Vidego and say that it is not worth the purchase because it has no accelerometers to rotate the video for you, because it has no Wi-Fi capabilities or because the touch screen is not smooth scrolling like an iPod Touch. Thinking practically, however, it is a well organized, easy-to-use product that is suitable for a wide range of consumers. It carries out its advertised functions perfectly and, at practically a third of the price of other players, is surely a well valued product.

The Super Talent Vidego earns the Seal of Approval!

+ Great screen
+ High value
+ Portable size
+ Good quality external speaker/microphone
+ Easy file transfer
+ Good battery life

- Slow, muted picture browsing
- Low quality included headphones

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