Super Talent Vidego28
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-13-2008
Provided by: Super Talent
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First Looks

The Vidego arrives in an attractive blue box outfitted in eye-pleasing graphics and pictures. On the back of the box, you will find a list of specifications.

Lifting the magnetic cover to the box, you are presented with the Vidego itself, while the accessories are tucked away in the left-hand side. With the Vidego comes: a user's manual that describes the various screens, a CD with a video converter program, headphones, a USB component cable, a charger, a stylus, a carrying bag and a cleaning cloth.

The charging set-up for the Vidego is a clever one. The AC adapter provided simply converts power into a USB female format, so that the only cable you will ever need for the Vidego is the provided USB component cable. The Vidego can also charge from your computer's USB 2.0 port. The included USB cable is pretty short (~2.5'), but that should be all the distance you need to reach your front panel USB port or to leave the player on the floor by an outlet to charge for a bit. The included headphones are very low quality and favor the cable to one ear, putting a strap of wire just beneath your chin.

The Super Talent Vidego has a 2.8” screen, which is much smaller than the 3.5” iPod Touch screen you may be used to. On the front of the device are a speaker, a microphone and three buttons at the bottom. The wide buttons control volume, while the center button acts as a way to navigate home. No glossy metallic back-sides for Super Talent: on the back of the Vidego, you'll find a matte black finish, the Super Talent logo, and your product serial number.

On top of the Vidego sit the USB port, the power/hold switch and the headphone jack. Moving the power switch towards the headphones for three seconds turns the device on and off, while moving it in the opposite direction puts the device in hold mode. At the bottom of the device, you'll find the MicroSD (Mini SD) port, protected with a rubber insert. The Vidego accepts up to 4GB of MicroSD storage.

Now that we've got a feel for the Vidego, let's turn it on and see what it can do!

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