Super Talent Mega Screen 2GB MP3 Player
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-01-2007
Provided by: Super Talent

Here we see how the picture we converted looks on the player.

And the video didn't turn out too bad either.

Transferred files can be browsed in a simple folder layout and have icons depicting what type of file each is. The file names also scroll left to right when it won't fit on the screen.

The MP3 playback interface is very user friendly, showing volume adjustment, the folder, artist/title, track, bit rate and elapsed time. There is also a graphic equalizer with several different settings (Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc.) to adjust the sound output.

Finally, I recorded a short video clip of the various menu animations. The output shows the typical "rolling" screen refresh that only appears on the video, and is not visible when looking at the player itself. The quality is also diminished, the player looks much nicer.

Menu Animations Clip

Conclusion just ahead.

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