Super Talent Mega Screen 2GB MP3 Player
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-01-2007
Provided by: Super Talent

The included USB cable uses the mini port format which is very common among electronic devices. The access port is on the side of the player and covered with a rubber flap.

The other included cable does not match the port on the player and I'm somewhat confused as to why they included both types.

Firing the unit up shows off the quality of the display, 128x128 pixel resolution and 262k color. When connected to an XP computer the player is immediately recognized as a removable storage device and assigned a drive letter. The player also recognizes it is connected and ready to transfer files. The built-in lithium battery recharges through the USB port.

Although the player accepts standard MP3 music files for playback, video must be converted first to an NXV format using the bundled software. I found the NXV Converter software very easy to use and entirely self-explanatory. Simply open a video from your local PC (in this case a recorded AVI file) select an ouput quality and press convert!

The NxPhoto software was also a cinch to use. Just open an image file, resize and crop to fit and save it to the player, ready to be viewed in 128x128 resolution.

Let's see how easy this MP3 player is to use.

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