Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 750W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-15-2012
Provided by: Silverstone

Overall the Strider Gold Evo looks identical to last year's model. They use what appears to be the same housing and cables so not much has changed in the design. There is one 24-pin ATX cable, two 8-pin CPU cables, four 6/6+2-pin PCIE cables and eight SATA, six peripheral and two floppy connector cables.

The lengths of the cables are primarily all 550mm, with one of the +12V EPS cables being longer at 750mm, and the SATA and peripheral cables advertised at 600mm, with 150mm connector spacing.

Connectors are color-coded blue for the PCIE cables, while everything else uses black. The +12V EPS cables are eight pin while SATA and peripheral cables use only six. The UL identification ID E313296 specifies Silverstone as the manufacturer, however as with the previous Strider Gold models, the construction of the unit points to Enhance as the OEM.

Silverstone has switched to using their new Air Penetrator fans in the Evolution power supplies. These fans use fluid dynamic bearings for quieter operation, yielding a noise level range from 17dB-28dB compared to last year's 19dB-36dB. Better airflow also allows them to ramp up the speed more gradually, and lower the peak RPM the fan will reach. Some component changes result in slightly better 88%-91%-88% efficiency ratings at 20%-50%-100% load, an improvement of 1% across the board from last year. An 80Plus test report was not available to confirm.

Let's get the unit installed and perform some testing.

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