Super Talent 32 GB Pico Drive
Author: Connan Schafstall
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-28-2009
Provided by: Super Talent

First let's test the speed of this drive. Super Talent claims the Pico will run up to 30 MB per second so I used HD Tune to run it through it's paces. When I first tested the drive completely empty, it was peaking at 30 MB per second read, and 5 MB/s write speeds. After filling the drive with fragmented files, I found the read to drop to an average of 23.4 MB/s, with a burst rate of 20.4 MB/s. The write speed was unchanged.

For a real-world test at running an application, I decided to install the PC game Racedriver GRID onto the drive and play it in online competition. GRID is a 10 GB install and took just under four hours to complete. Much longer than I had expected, but I think it would have been faster as a drag-and-drop from a local hard drive than a manual install from my DVD player. Playing the game was a seamless experience. Virtually no load times, and I was the first player loaded onto each map on the servers I played in. The Pico can game!

When you plug the Pico into one of your USB ports, Windows will display two new mass storage devices. One contains the user manual, FAQ and interface for the SecureLock 256bit encryption GUI. The second mass storage device found is the drive itself, which is protected by SecureLock and cannot be accessed without first entering the correct password in the GUI interface.

Another feature of the Pico I wanted to test was the "rugged, water resistant" claim. I had seen pictures of the drive on the Super Talent site depicting the Pico under water, so I decided to give it a shot. I removed the drive from it's lanyard and put it on my 14k gold chain where it would live for the next two weeks. I did not take it off for anything. It was with me through a vacation to Lake Erie and all the sweating and subsequent showers of this summer season.

At the end of the torture test, the gold-plated ring had lost all of it's gold tone and gone to a dull-gray. The drive itself held up well, only sustaining minor scratches and dings. When plugged into my desktop's port to retrieve those precious vacation photos, everything was intact and the drive functioned without a hitch. It still looks at home on my chain and will probably remain there.

Continue ahead as we wrap things up with a conclusion.

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