mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 03-13-2008
Provided by: mStation
First Look

The mStation Orb is packaged very well, fully encased in Styrofoam (the top half with all of the accessories covers the upper portion of the Orb) to prevent any damage during handling. Everything (excluding some of the cables) was additionally wrapped in clear plastic for further protection.

From left to right, we have the two-part power adapter, a USB cable, a remote control, a stereo mini cable and six docking cradle covers. These covers fit into place over the docking port to better accommodate the wide variety of iPods that the Orb is compatible with (works with any iPod with a dock connector).

The wireless IR remote control has 10 buttons to fully control speaker functions as well as basic iPod functions, so you can change tracks from the remote without having to actually touch the iPod. This of course only works with iPods plugged into the dock and will not work with other MP3 players that are connected via the line-in jack. mStation also includes a user's guide, should you run into any issues during installation or usage.

Move ahead as we take a closer look at the Orb itself...

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