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Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 11-10-2007
Provided by: Ultra Products
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Card Reader and USB Hub

The retail package for the Stackables All-In-1 Card Reader & USB 2.0 Hub looks nearly identical to that of the power center, with photos and features on the front and specs on the back. Below is the list of specifications and features for this unit, again, borrowed from Ultra's website.

Included in the retail package is the unit itself, 12v power adapter, user guide, driver disc, USB cable, a set of four rubber feet and a set of two aluminum stands.

The front of the unit houses the card reader, which is compatible with several different card formats.

The surface of this Stackables product (as well as all of the other ones besides the power center) has a rubberized look and feel to it. I am not sure why Ultra didn't stick with the same material for all of their products, but either way, it looks good and you can't really notice the difference, especially when all of the products are stacked on top of the power center.

Around back, we find the 6-port USB 2.0 Hub. Ultra also offers a Stackables 7-port USB 2.0 Hub for the same price. The difference is that the USB ports are located on the front of the unit and there is no card reader.

Here we have the unit with the included aluminum feet in place. This makes for a nice standalone unit, but we will be using it in the stackable flavor here today.

Next up, the two Stackables 3.5" Hard Drive units...

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