SilverStone Zeus ST75ZF 750w Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 06-16-2006
Provided by: SilverStone

Like every other power supply in existence, a specs sticker is affixed to the side of the unit. The difference here, however, (and someone finally figured it out, yey for SilverStone) is that the sticker is on the "other" side of the unit; not the side that traditionally is visible when opening a case from the left side panel. Some may argue that this will make it more difficult to view the specs, and while this is true, I much more prefer this method for the sheer fact that it makes the power supply look so much better inside a system (pictures of this to come).

Moving around to the rear of the unit, we see a nice, open grate-style design that will allow hot air to be expelled freely. The standard on/off switch is present as is the power plug-in. SilverStone has also included an LED power indicator, which lights up green when the unit is on. Behind the grated surface we can see some pretty beefy looking hardware.

Moving to the opposite end of the power supply, we see a single 80mm fan which is positioned to suck air in from the inside of the case, blow it over the power supply internals and out the back of the unit. As noted on the specs. sheet earlier, this fan has a ball bearing and is rated at a minimum of 24 dBA. I was not able to find any further information about the fan, such as CFM ratings. As you can see, the fan grill here is silver. The upcoming revision to this power supply will feature a matching black grill to better fit the rest of the theme.

You can also see in the above photo where the cables come out from inside the unit. A modular design would have been great here, but at least the cables are nice and neat here.

Besides this, there really isn't too much else to look at on the exterior of the power supply.

No large 120mm fan on the bottom to aid in cooling, no more tacky stickers; just a nice sleek black finish.

Continue along as we take a look at the supplied cables on the Zeus 750w.

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