SilverStone Strider Gold 750W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-18-2011
Provided by: SilverStone

The Strider Gold 750W comes with a power cord, standard and thumb screws for mounting, Velcro and zip ties for cable management, multi-language user manual and specification guide, and a sticker detailing the layout of the various modular connector types. I assume they left this off the unit for aesthetic reasons, giving the end user the option to affix it or not. It's a bit unnecessary as the modular connectors are all easily distinguishable by either shape and/or color.

The cables are all modular and come in one of three different lengths, 550mm (22") for the main ATX, 4+4pin CPU/EPS and 6pin/6+2pin PCI-E, 750mm (30") for the second 4+4pin CPU/EPS and a lengthy 1050mm (42") for the SATA and MOLEX cables.

The main ATX cable uses a 20+4pin configuration with tabs to help hold the 4pin section in place. I wish more manufacturers would just go to a straight 24pin connector as there have not been 20pin motherboards around for quite a few years now. The two +12V CPU/EPS cables come in different lengths and use a 4+4pin configuration without any means of connecting the two halves together, although each side does have its own clip for attaching to the motherboard.

The four PCI-E cables each have 2200uF capacitors positioned inline on either end for better voltage stability and to improve ripple and noise performance. Two are 6+2pin and two are just 6pin connectors, again with the 6+2pin having tabs to help hold the smaller section in place. The two SATA cables feature four connectors apiece, while the two peripheral cables have three each plus an extra floppy connector at the end.

Continue as we take a closer look at the Strider Gold 750W power supply.

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