SilverStone Strider Plus 600W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-09-2010
Provided by: SilverStone

The SilverStone Strider Plus 600W is in many respects much like its sibling, the 750W. In fact you could say that it's similar in appearance to nearly every SilverStone power supply ever made. The minimalistic design and flat black casing will blend into many computer cases today that have painted interiors. There are no flashy graphic stickers or LED lighting here, no odd-colored cables, not even a chrome fan grill. Only the PCI-e connectors feature a splash of blue, and that's just to distinguish them from the other modular ports.

SilverStone is only one of two manufacturers I could find incorporating quad PCI-e support into a 600W class power supply, the other being Zalman. Honestly if I were looking to build an SLI or CrossFireX system today I'd probably be shopping in the 750W and up bracket. But SilverStone officially certifies the Strider Plus 600W for use with up to GTX 260 or HD5850 dual-GPU configurations, which is pretty impressive considering that my previous GTX 260 SLI system measured a 530W GPU-only draw on the Decathlon 750W. Given the 80Plus Bronze efficiency certification and SilverStone's 600W continuous 40 C load rating, I have to admit the Strider Plus 600W is not your average 600W power supply. It performs well whether under high load or minimal idle conditions, and remains close on target to voltage specification, although we did see some fluctuation under load it never caused a problem.

Too bad SilverStone couldn't get the Strider Plus 600W to meet 80Plus Silver certification like its 750W brother. Although they do seem to have addressed one of the complaints with the 750W when they included two ATX/EPS cables with different lengths with the 600W. If you only need one then you get to choose which length better suits your installation. Unfortunately they didn't opt to do this with the SATA and accessory cables, all four of which are the longest cables in the bundle. If you have a small case you're going to have lots of excess to tidy up. Having the SATA connectors so far apart can be a big pain, requiring big cable loops between stacked drives. However having the peripheral connectors spaced out actually came in handy for me, allowing me to reach four devices with just one cable. In the end each installation is going to be different, but using two cables with different lengths and connector spacing would be more compromising for everyone.

The Strider Plus 600W is available online for right around $100, placing it roughly $25 less than the 750W version. That's still at the upper end of the price scale for its wattage rating. Those seeking the best deal for a single-GPU system, or more overhead for a multi-GPU configuration may overlook this 600W as being simply too pricey or too small. However a $10 rebate being offered right now, and the fact that SilverStone really designed this unit to handle multi-GPU operation, should help to increase its competitiveness in the marketplace. awards the SilverStone Strider Plus 600W our Silver Seal of Approval.

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