SilverStone Strider Plus 600W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-09-2010
Provided by: SilverStone

The Strider Plus 600W comes with an accessory bundle that includes a standard 110V C13 style power cord, Velcro cable wraps, plastic zip ties and mounting hardware, both standard and thumb style screws. There is also an impressive array of modular cabling, a 20+4pin ATX, two 4+4pin ATX/EPS, one 6+2pin PCI-e, three 6pin PCI-e, two SATA with three connectors each and two accessory cables with three peripheral and one floppy connector each.

All of the cables come attached to their modular connectors, allowing you to remove any that are not required for your installation. Most of the cables average 20" to 22" in length, however the SATA and accessory cables can reach 30" or more which is impressive for a power supply of this size rating. The 4+4pin ATX/EPS cables are two different lengths, one at 22" and one at 30". This is a nice touch as most boards will only require one and having two lengths to choose from allows you to keep cable clutter to a minimum. Unfortunately this same thought process was not passed on to the SATA and accessory cables, as both of each pair are identical in length.

In addition to being labeled right on the power supply, the modular connectors and matching cable ends are also color-coded to differentiate the 8pin PCI-e from the 8pin ATX/EPS jacks so that you don't get them mixed up. According to the UL Certification number E166947, the ST60F-P is manufactured by Enhance Electronics, an OEM which SilverStone has used previously in some of their other lower-power rated supplies in the Strider and Element series. In addition to Enhance, SilverStone has also used Seventeam, Impervio and FSP Group to manufacture their power supplies.

The top panel of the power supply is imprinted with the SilverStone name and logo. The large 135mm fan, rated for between 19dB and 35dB operation, takes up the entire space on the opposite side. According to SilverStone the fan speed remains the same up to 50% load, and only begins to throttle up above that, so in typical usage the fan should remain practically inaudible. The rear of the ST60F-P features an open, honeycomb mesh design with a standard C14 power socket, however there is no on/off rocker switch, an item commonly found on many other power supplies.

Next let's get the Strider Plus 600W wired up and perform some testing.

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