SilverStone Raven RV04 Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-14-2013
Provided by: SilverStone

The top panel must be removed during installation of the power supply and provides access to the 5" bays for wiring but has a mesh filter that slides out the back for easy cleaning without removing the entire panel. The front bezel mesh filter is fixed in place and the entire panel must be removed for cleaning, although this is as simple as opening the door and giving a quick tug at either side. The 180mm Air Penetrator fans look massive stacked in the front. It's nice that SilverStone included two speed selector switches with Low-Medium-High settings to control each fan separately, however most users will probably end up running both fans at the same speed and it may have been more practical to control them with one switch. Also as we'll see below the fans have dual connectors, so the switch plugs into the fan and another connector plugs the fan into a power source. This limits you to using SilverStone's fans if you want to keep the speed control function. It would be nice if the controller allowed any fan to be connected to it.

The main 3" cage holds up to five drives and has foam lining both sides for noise and vibration suppression. It is easily removed with two screws at the bottom and has a plastic base to prevent scratching the front 3" hot-swap bay that it attaches to. The top is held in place by a plastic filler plate that doubles as a support for any extra-long cards you may install. In order to remove it you first have to take out the top 180mm fan to gain access to the six screws attaching it to the case. If you don't have 16" cards that need this support, the plate serves little purpose except to restrict airflow.

Both 3" hot-swap bays have pull straps that presumably are there to assist in removing drives, however as we would find out during installation it is not difficult at all to push the drive out from the other side, regardless of the "latch" holding it in place. The rear hot-swap bay has an adjustable support bracket for large CPU coolers, if you deem it necessary to support the weight of the cooler. Below each bay are integrated standoffs and room to install up to four 2" drives. That top rail slot and single screw hole are for the graphics card support bracket. Like the CPU cooler bracket it's nice that SilverStone provides it but typically not a requirement in most installations.

Let's get some hardware installed into the RAVEN RV04.

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