Silverstone Grandia GD05 HTPC Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 02-04-2010
Provided by: SilverStone

Like the other enclosures in the Grandia series, the GD05 is a SFF HTPC case that requires a micro-ATX motherboard, but uses a full size power supply and video card(s). While similar in dimension to the other Grandia cases, the latest GD04 and GD05 are very shallow, measuring less than 13" deep by 17" wide and just under 6" tall. Weight is slightly over 10 pounds, less than any Grandia case to date. This is due to the GD05's incorporation of plastic/aluminum composite over a steel frame. While most of the other SilverStone HTPC cases are also available in a silver finish, the GD05 is black only.

Cooling ability is paramount thanks to the three 120mm fans included, four if you count the one in most power supplies, plus the ability to add two more 80mm fan exhaust. In addition to the standard four riser slots for micro-ATX boards, there is an extra accessory slot above the power supply for expansion modules or other accessories that do not require direct connection to the motherboard. The riser slot fillers are also vented to provide an additional exhaust path. Accessory box contents include a very detailed manual, fan power adapter, cable ties, rubber stick-on spacers for the power supply and various mounting hardware.

The bottom of the GD05 houses a filtered opening to permit the power supply fan to draw air from outside the case. Although the power supply could be installed upside down, leaving it in the default orientation would result in all four fans configured for air intake. SilverStone claims this positive air pressure in the case helps prevent accumulation of dust. This is an important consideration for HTPC use as often the environment in an entertainment center or cabinet is an enclosed area.

Now let's have a look inside the GD05.

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