Silverstone GD02 HTPC Case
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 04-01-2008
Provided by: Silverstone

Rather than storing the accessory box inside the case, Silverstone opted to fit it into a section of the top packing material. This keeps the contents from being tossed around during shipping. There are not really that many extras included, just the manual, a pair of cable ties, mounting screws, a fan power adapter and a small hex wrench. The manual repeats each phrase of instructions in nine different languages, so unfortunately the descriptions tend to be a bit brief. However, diagrams are included so it is not that difficult to follow.

Here we have the silver, non-display version of the GD02, with stealthed covers for the optical drive, floppy and front I/O ports. The doors come taped shut to help protect them during shipping. The optical door is spring loaded, and is designed to fold down when the tray is opened, then back up when the tray retracts. The bottom door is geared to fall open slowly when the lower corner is pressed, rather than just drop abruptly, but must be manually lifted to close.

The four corners of the GD02 have the appearance of rounded pillars, with feet that extend below the bottom of the case in order to provide an air gap underneath. Although the front is solid across the face, both sides are vented as is the rear, with space for two 80mm fans out back. Even the riser slot blanks are vented, and although not shown here, the bottom of the case is too. The top is solid, just like the front, which is certainly better for keeping dust out of the inside.

Now let's have a look inside.

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