Spire TherMax Pro CPU Cooler
Author: Connan Schafstall
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 10-09-2009
Provided by: Spire

CPU cooling is a highly competitive market. Over the past 10 years we have seen a multitude of cooling innovations and breakthroughs in how to draw heat from our processors. It seems that lately all the newer coolers are getting bigger and some cases just don't have room for them. Lately I have seen an increase in coolers blocking memory slots and making cable management essential for good airflow. Not all CPU coolers need to be 8" tall and fill up half of your case interior to be effective. Case in point: the Spire TherMax Pro.

The Spire corporation spans the globe and offers many low-cost products in cases, power supplies, and cooling solutions. Today we will be testing their new flagship cooler, the Spire TherMax Pro which is aimed at the newer and larger Intel sockets as well as the AM3. Now before we get too far, I want to point out that this cooler retails for about $36 USD, which is one of the cheapest prices I have seen on a cooler that supports the i7 series of processors. The cooler itself comes packaged in an oversized box and half-clam shell package which holds the heatsink, fan and mounting kits for AM2/AM3, LGA775/1156 and 1366. Also included in the box are the fan controller and its wires as well as the Spire thermal interface material know as Bluefrost.

Spire's site lists these features:

* Three 8mm all copper u shaped heat-pipes
* All new Direct-Touch heat-pipe technology
* UV-reactant 90mm BlueStar fan design
* Amazingly silent at just 25.0 dBA
* PCI-Fan speed controller included
* 45 stamped Aluminum Micro-Fin's
* Supports the latest Intel & AMD micro-processors

Product Includes :

* Multilingual Owners Manual *EZ Installation clip * PCI Fan-speed control unit * Stars-420 Thermal compound

Product Specification

Socket 1156 / AM3 / 775 / AM2 / 1366 Static cooler
Dimensions Heat sink : 10460125 mm (l w h)
Bearing Sleeve bearing
Rated speed 2,700 RPM +/-10%
Rated power 3.36 W
Noise level 25.0 dBA
Air flow 53.12CFM at 2,700 RPM
Current 0.28 A
Life hours Sleeve: 30.000
Features Three 8mm all copper u shaped heat-pipes, All new Direct-Touch heat-pipe technology, UV-reactant 90mm BlueStar fan design, Near silent at low speed setting 25.0dBA, 45 stamped Aluminum Micro-Fins, Supports the latest Intel & AMD micro-processors
Connector 3 Pin, mainboard (Incl.PCI Speed-Controller)

3)Thermal resistance 0.18 C/W
Thermal type Stars-420 white grease(Injection Tube,0.5g)

Contrary to the product's advertised specifications, the unit I received for testing included neither the "Stars-420 White grease" nor the Multilingual Owners Manual. Instead I got a .5g tube of the Spire Bluefrost, and I guess I will have to use my legendary ingenuity to install this cooler due to lack of documentation.

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