Spire VertiCool II & DiamondCool II Heatsinks
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-28-2006
Provided by: Spire

The packaging for the VertiCool is identical to that of the DiamondCool; just the size of the box and stick-on model number are different.

Unlike the DiamondCool, the VertiCool is a cross platform cooler and comes with mounting adapters for AMD A64 systems as well as Intel 775's. In the lower picture is the AMD mounting hardware that we're going to be using for testing.

Here's the specs for the VertiCool, also taken directly from Spire's website.

The VertiCool also uses heat pipe technology, but in a totally different way than the DiamondCool. The VertiCool has a thin copper base where the heat pipes are attached. The heat pipes form a "U" shape which in effect creates four pipes. Instead of using copper cooling fins, Spire opted for lighter aluminum micro fins. The VertiCool also uses a Spire designed spider-fan, but it has a slightly different rating. The VertiCool also has a much nicer fan mount/shroud which is screwed to the cooler instead of the pressed on version that the DiamondCool uses.

Now for a closer look at the VertiCool cooler...

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