Spire VertiCool II & DiamondCool II Heatsinks
Author: OCIA Staff
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 03-28-2006
Provided by: Spire

Spire was Founded in 1991 as a computer thermal solutions company and have since then established themselves as a premier brand for computer thermal solutions. With today's high-speed processors functioning at an unprecedented speed and output, the demand for better and more reliable cooling solutions has become one of the most important issues in the computer industry today. With that being said, today we're going to be looking at two of Spire's new heat pipe cooling solutions, the VertiCool II and the DiamondCool II.

First up is the DiamondCool. As with all Spire coolers, it comes in their standard generic company colored box with nothing more than the coolers model number on the top and some very basic features listed on the side.

Upon opening the box you see that the contents are just as sparse as the information on the box itself. What you get is the assembled cooler, an A64 back plate, a small tube of thermal paste and a set of instructions, but it's all you need to get the cooler installed.

Before we get too far along, let's take a look at the specifications. These are taken directly from Spire's website.
As you can see from the specs listed below, this is an AMD only cooling solution with no cross platform compatibility.

The DiamondCool is made out of 100% copper, using four heat pipes. The fan mounting bracket is constructed of aluminum and is attached to the cooler by means of a type of stamping method. Perhaps not the most effective way to attach a fan bracket, but it gets the job done. The fan is Spire's own transparent UV reactive spider-fan which offers a fair amount of air flow at low noise levels.

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