Spire Rocketeer IV 600W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-28-2006
Provided by: Spire

The main ATX cable is roughly 2 feet long. The connector is a 20+4 layout, so the extra 4 wire section can be removed for use on older 20 pin motherboards.

There are 2 PCIe cables, although the Rocketeer IV is not touted as SLI Ready.

The secondary +12v connector is a 4+4 design, which can be split for connection to most 4 pin motherboard headers.

There is only one SATA cable, with 2 connectors spaced relatively close together.

The final two cables have standard 4 pin molex and floppy connectors, each cable containing 3 and 1 respectively.

The Rocketeer IV cooling fan contains blue LEDs which do a good job of lighting up the interior of the power supply.

With the lights off the LEDs cast a cool glow, not too bright and not too dark.

Next up, performance and conclusion.

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