Spire Rocketeer IV 600W Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 11-28-2006
Provided by: Spire
First Look Cont.

The Rocketeer IV has an attractive platinum-colored nickel-coated finish that seems to be very durable. As has become standard fare for power supplies, the Spire unit uses a single 120mm fan to provide cooling for internal components. The grill is a light gold color that goes well with the finish.

Voltage specifications are printed on the obligatory side panel sticker. From the listed UL number E130843 we can determine that the Rocketeer IV is made by Topower, a well-known, high-quality power supply manufacturer, who also happens to make power supplies for OCZ. The UL listing will often reveal the true manufacturer of a power supply if it is simply rebranded under another company name.

An identifying Spire label graces the rear of the power supply, along with a unique brick-like grill pattern. Other than that it's pretty plain, with only an on-off switch and outlet for the power cord.

Although the case is shiny and reflective it is far from being a mirror finish. At least it does not show fingerprints easily.

The cable length seems adequate, although somewhat on the short side. The lack of mesh or wrap to keep the cables neat (other than the wire twist) detracts from overall neatness.

Next we'll examine the individual cables.

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