Spire SP-600W Rocketeer IV Gaming Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 06-23-2006
Provided by: Spire
Closer Look

Main Features:

-Intel BTX 1.0a & ATX 1.3 / 2.03 Specification Compliant

-Supports Intel Pentium 4 & 5, Celeron, AMD Sempron, Athlon XP, 64, and Opteron

-EMI Shielded VGA/HDD Power Connector

-Modular Power Connectors

-3 Speed Variable Fan Speed Auto-Control

-Ultra-Silent at normal load

-Hi-Efficiency - 75% at full load

-Four SATA Power Connectors

-Thermo Reactive Cooling System

-ATX-20 pin to EPS-24 pin cable connector

-3 Year Warranty

-Approved by CUL, FCC

The SP-600W has twin +12v rails with a very respectable 20A on each rail. Though it has not yet been certified by nVidia for SLI use, the Rocketeer IV easily exceeds nVidia's PSU requirements for use in a "high-end SLI PC".

There is a reset button, and a "Turbo Fan Switch" for maximum cooling. I really doubt if you would ever actually need to use turbo mode, since the fan speed automatically adjusts with PSU temperature.

The Rocketeer IV comes with a full compliment of cables. There are four SATA connectors on two cables, two PCI-E cables, two 4-pin molex cables with two connectors, and two cables with one 4-pin molex and a floppy connector. All of them appear to be sufficiently long for use in larger cases.

All cables are EMI shielded in a cool silver color, and encased in surgical tubing. Each end is neatly finished in heavy-duty heat shrink tubing. All connectors are blue.

The power connector is 20+4, to allow use for both newer and older motherboards. The surgical tubing makes the power cable rather stiff. Let's hope it doesn't cause any problems.

There are two P4 cables... well, a P4 and a P8. The cables are zip-tied together.

The accessories include a power cord, some zip-ties and some less permanent colored fabric ties. Yes, there are four screws included, I just forgot to include them in this photo.

Let's get the Rocketeer IV into a rig...

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