Spectroniq Portable DVD Player
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-24-2009
Provided by: Geeks
A Closer Look

The PDV-70X comes pre-bundled in a nice, soft black carrying case with detailed instruction manual. It has a compact size and is fairly light, at less than two pounds with battery attached, and just over four pounds with case and all accessories.

The unit itself seems rather small, barely larger than the compartment that houses the disc. The hinges allow the display lid to go from closed to 180 open. This model has an impressive number of accessories included, such as the soft carry case which doubles as a headrest bag, shoulder strap, two sets of ear buds with a pass-through connector, slim IR remote, standard A/V RCA cables for external viewing, AC and auto DC power cords and the 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

Slipping the battery pack into place on the rear of the unit gives the freedom to view movies without the need for direct power connection, at least for a little while. It's only rated for 2 hours, which isn't an abundance of time to watch your favorite flick, especially if you're in the habit of pausing often for trips to the restroom or to grab a snack. However in testing this would prove to be underestimated, and the battery can be charged while installed into the player, with either the AC or DC power cords connected, or it can be recharged separately. The controls on the side offer a volume dial for the dual built-in 1.5W speakers as well as jacks to plug in the external headphones/earbuds and component outputs for external display and audio. An on/off switch and AC port complete the side panel features.

The display is bright although somewhat washed out depending on the viewing angle; it definitely rewards those sitting directly in front of the screen. The other controls are built onto the top surface of the player and have to do with DVD navigation, menu, play, pause, stop, forward and back, etc. Finally three buttons at the base of the lid allow selection of the display mode for brightness, contrast and color as well as up/down adjustments.

Black backgrounds are usually when you will notice "light leak" show up, that faint glow that appears around the edges of the display. There is a small amount of it present here but as you can see it is not overly obtrusive. The OSD for brightness, contrast and color are shown as well as the setup menu where options such as language and format can be selected.

Now let's look at some screenshots.

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