Sparkle GTS 250 Green Power Low Profile Video Card
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-12-2010
Provided by: Sparkle Computer Corp

The Sparkle GTS 250 Green Power card comes shipped in a deceptively small box, packaged in bubble wrap to protect it in shipping. Bundled accessories are relatively sparse with only a user manual and quick start guide, low profile riser plate, audio cable, Molex to PCI-E and DVI to VGA adapters included. Despite the riser being a single slot design, the cooler is not, and will hang over and block a second slot when installed. A separate passive VRM heatsink is attached to the end of the card.

The GTS 250 LP requires only a single 6pin PCI-E power connection like many of the full size versions. Sparkle's own full size GTS 250 has dual connections however. Power is handled through an all solid capacitor design for better performance and longer life. The card's PCB measures less than 20cm long and only 6cm tall not counting the slot extension, that's under eight inches by two and a half, a perfect size for a small HTPC or LAN enclosure. A single DVI and an HDMI port provide signal from the card.

The GTS 250 LP comes with a full height riser plate installed and a low profile bracket is included if installing in a chassis that requires one. The factory heatsink is a bit of an odd design, featuring alternating thick and thin fins arrayed in a sort of spiral pattern. The G92 core is rotated 45 on its point and the eight 128Mb memory chips are arranged in two semi-circles on either side. Although thermal pads have been placed on all of the memory chips, the outer thin fins of the heatsink provide poor coverage with very little contact area for them.

Let's get the GTS 250 LP installed and powered up.

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