Sparkle Gold Class 1250w Power Supply
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 05-09-2010
Provided by: Sparkle Computer Corp

When I first received the Sparkle Gold Class 1250W power supply for review, I mistakenly thought I was looking at a product made by Sparkle Power Inc., aka Fortron Source Power or FSP Group. They are another company dedicated to producing quality power supplies for the PC market. However Sparkle Computer Corp is a separate entity that has up until now primarily made nVidia-based video cards, and the Gold Class 1250W and 1000W mark their first foray into the power supply market. The OEM manufacturer, Great Wall Shenzhen, also sells their products under their own brand, and is one of the top power supply makers in China.

Sadly I did not have much of a load to throw at the Sparkle 1250W, only about a third of its capacity, so as you can imagine the power supply held up beautifully. There was a very small voltage drop of just 0.01V to 0.02V on all three rails at load, however as all three were actually slightly above specification to start, they were certainly in no danger of falling out of range. You could easily power two dual-GPU video cards with this setup and still have spare wattage left over for water cooling components or whatever else you needed to run. And with six +12V rails and six 6+2pin PCI-E power connections, a quad-Crossfire or SLI setup of single-GPU cards is possible as well.

The Sparkle 1250W seems to be well made, I particularly liked how the modular connectors were color-coded and shaped to fit only that specific type. Often times with modular power supplies it's not exactly clear which end of the cable is supposed to go where or whether that's an 8pin PCI-E cable or the 8pin +12V CPU. The chassis is fairly compact for a unit of this high rating, the weight is a respectable 5 pounds and the fan runs very quiet at this load range. The 80Plus Gold certification is the highest rating possible for power supplies, providing 90%+ efficiency at 50% load and in the Sparkle 1250W yields an average 88.93% overall in testing. The packaging is also high class and the included $100 gift card can be redeemed for a three game bundle through Sparkle's website. The fact that you have to use a C19 style 16A power cord, and the one included is only five feet long, can present a problem if you need extra length. However, due to the extreme power this unit is capable of drawing, there really isn't any other way around this requirement.

*UPDATE* I could not find pricing for the Sparkle 1250W online at time of review, however recently its become available through retail channels for right around $350. That definitely puts it at the extreme upper end of the power supply pricing scale, however having 1250W available and greater than 90% efficiency doesn't come cheap apparently, I could find no other power supply model that offered this high or better of a rating for this price range. awards the Sparkle Gold Class 1250W our Gold Seal of Approval.

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