Soyo Group 20.1in TFT-LCD Monitor 2058
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 12-01-2007
Provided by:
First Looks and Assembly

The monitor comes well packaged in thick Styrofoam with an anti-static protective sheet taped over the screen. Included with the package are: a power cable, a VGA cable, a sound cable, the monitor stand and its mounting screws, a manual, and a certification of warranty. It would have been nice to see a DVI cable, but luckily I had an extra lying around so that wasn't a problem.

On the front of the monitor, you'll find the four menu buttons, and a power button. The speakers are also on the front, in the bottom corners, decorated with a nice dot pattern.

The back of the monitor is very plain, with a sticker of compliance with FCC rules and heat vents at the top. This monitor supports DVI and VGA inputs, but not HDMI, which is expected for a monitor in this price range. Next to the video connections are a power connector and an audio port for the speakers on the front. On the bottom corners of the back of the monitor, you can sneak a peek of the 2W speakers and the Kensington Lock, in case you want to put this monitor in a public place or for some reason have a lot of strange people in your house that you can't trust. Moving to the middle, you can see the mounting system for the monitor's base, with plastic stubs to hold it in place and four holes to screw it down.

The included plastic base is very sturdy due to its steel reinforcement and has five sticky, soft rubber feet to keep the monitor from sliding around on your desk. This stand only allows for top-down rotational adjustment, and not height or swivel adjustment. To attach the base, simply screw it down to the monitor and attach the plastic covers to stealth those screws. It would have been a huge disappointment to see a monitor assembly that required actual tools, so I went to my pockets to see if there was something an average consumer might also have that could get the job done. A coin did the trick, and everything looks good.

Here you can see how the 20.1 monitor stacks up against a 19 widescreen monitor. There is plenty of extra room here, and the extra real estate will be greatly appreciated. Let's get this thing set up and see how it looks!

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