Soyo Group 20.1in TFT-LCD Monitor 2058
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Airica Jones
Date: 12-01-2007
Provided by:

Often times, in the hype of building up a great new rig with all of the hottest new components, we forget that, beyond calculating pi and folding protein molecules, the computer experience comes entirely from peripherals. Almost nobody includes keyboards, speakers, or even monitors in their budget. In reality, though, a nice new monitor can make your old rig feel new again.

Buying LCD monitors is tough, though. Because prices are constantly falling, it's easy to just keep waiting forever. If you're sure you need a new screen, though, do you want it to be wide or 4:3? Do you need built in speakers? Would you prefer a high contrast ratio or a fast response time… or drop some extra cash for something that has both? Truth is, most people don't know, which is why most people still own 17” clunkers.

Soyo looks to help you solve this predicament with their 20.1” TFT Active Matrix (LCD) Monitor (wiki: TFT-LCD). This affordable monitor has a gaming-acceptable response time of 8ms, a solid brightness of 300cd/m2, or 300nit, and a contrast ratio of 600:1. These specifications, though not top-of-the line, are still respectable and make this monitor a good choice for gamers, cinemaphiles, and office workers alike. The screen also comes in at 1400x1050px as a native/maximum resolution, and two built-in 2W speakers.

The Soyo 2058 comes in a large, thin box displaying the monitors features and specifications. There is actually a misprint on the front of the box, as it reads “1440x1050” for the native resolution, this is supposed to be “1400x1050” and was mixed up with the common wide-screen resolution of 1440x900. Full specifications, from the website, are listed below:

So, as is always the question, will this monitor live up to its specs or reflect its affordability? Continue on as we find out…

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