Cooler Master SNA (Slim Notebook Adapter) 95
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Rutledge Feman
Date: 07-31-2009
Provided by: Cooler Master
Testing / Conclusion

To test the SNA 95, I used it to power my personal notebook, an HP Pavillion TX1119US. I first checked the compatibility table to determine which adapter tip I needed to use, which turned out to be the orange tip. I then connected the tip to the adapter cable, plugged the unit into a surge protector and the other end into my notebook and sure enough, it began charging. It's just that simple.

Here you can see the power adapter charging the notebook (indicated by the blue LED on the notebook and the white LED on the adapter). When plugging in an accessory into the USB port for charging, the adapter LED light changes to blue.


The Cooler Master SNA 95 has proven itself here today without a doubt. I had absolutely no trouble powering / recharging the battery on my HP notebook or my iPhone via USB.

True to its name, the SNA 95 is very slim which makes transporting it in your notebook bag very convenient. To further this convenience, Cooler Master makes use of an H-shaped cable reel to aid in cable management. Gone are the days of tangled power cables. The cable reel is removable, however, if you wish to slim down the unit even more.

Cooler Master has done everyone a favor by including nine adapter tips that should cover most any make / model of notebook. This means you can use the adapter universally across many different notebooks. Although we didn't run into any issues here today, there have been reports of some newer Dell notebooks not working with the SNA 95 due to some special circuitry used within Dell's notebooks / power adapters. Be sure to check the adapter tip compatibility chart before purchasing.

The integrated USB port allows you to charge a USB powered device, which frees up a port on your notebook and could mean one less power adapter you need to fool with for that device.

The included carrying bag is a nice touch if you plan to take the SNA 95 with you and will be using it with different notebooks (thus bringing along the additional adapter tips). Otherwise, just connect the adapter tip you need and toss the power adapter in your notebook travel bag.

Cooler Master lists the SNA 95 for $69.99 but I was able to find it online for just over $50 USD which is not a bad price for such a versatile accessory. has awarded the Cooler Master SNA 95 our Gold Seal of Approval!

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