Smartfish ErgoMotion Mouse
Author: Rutledge Feman
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 08-13-2010
Provided by: Smartfish
First Looks

The ErgoMotion Mouse arrives with a simple, no frills bundle: two AA batteries, a wireless transceiver, a user's manual, and the mouse itself. As you can see, the wireless transceiver really is very tiny, which means it is both easy to store and easy to lose. Also, the manual is very straightforward with plenty of photos and simple descriptions (it's not that complicated a product, after all).

The mouse takes on a two part construction. On top sits what we normally imagine when we think of computer mice: two buttons, a scroll-wheel with tilt scrolling, and lots of body to support your palm. Holding up the mouse is a pedestal, which houses the mouse's laser sensor. The bottom and top are connected by a ball joint, which allows pitch and roll movement (the mouse does not yaw for obvious reasons).

In addition to the wireless sensor, the bottom is home to an on/off switch, a clip-in mount for the wireless transceiver, six plastic feet, and general identification labels. The six slick feet should make for a smooth mousing experience, and the on/off switch helps you save on battery life. While the transceiver housing is advertised as good for travel, no bags are included to protect your mouse, and I would not want to damage this all-plastic mouse in my computer bag while on the road.

The included two AA batteries can be installed under the top portion of the mouse. The mouse is advertised to run for up to 10 months if you are responsible with your on/off switch; your mileage will probably vary.

Overall, the ErgoMotion mouse is a large mouse. While there are bigger mice out there, those with small hands will have a small learning curve. I was surprised to find that there is actually a pretty small range of motion with the upper portion, only allowing between 20 and 30 degrees of rotation on either axis.

Continue on as we discuss usage and draw some conclusions on the ErgoMotion mouse.

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