OCZ SLI-Ready DDR3-2000 (PC3 16000) 2GB (2 x 1GB) Dual Channel Kit
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-18-2009
Provided by: OCZ Technology
A Closer Look

The OCZ DDR3-2000 SLI Kit comes in a hanging blisterpack that thankfully isn't hermetically sealed. Rather than the normal OCZ orange, the packaging motif is green/black, in celebration of the memory's nVidia affiliation.

I have to say that this is the prettiest memory I have ever seen. The satin black XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) heatspreaders set off the raised SLI badge, giving a nice 3D effect. Though it does look good in the photos, they really don't do justice to just how nice this memory really looks. Many people complain about plain green PCBs, but here they contribute to the overall theme, nVidia green. Yeah, I know, cosmetics really don't mean that much since the memory is hidden in the slots once installed, but I appreciate when the manufacturers go the extra mile to make a great looking product.

The memory runs at DDR3-2000 with timings of 9-9-9-30, all at 1.8v. Nearly all other DDR3-2000 9-9-9 memory runs at 1.9v or 2.0v. The lower voltage ensures cooler temperatures.

Be aware that there is only a handful of LGA775 motherboards capable of running dual-channel memory at DDR3-2000, those running the nVidia nForce 790i Ultra chipset, and possibly a few Intel X48 motherboards. The OCZ DDR3-2000 SLI Memory is specifically designed for 790i SLI platforms, having SLI certification and supporting EPP 2.0. Also be aware that these motherboards generally require tweaking before being able to run memory at DDR3-2000. The 790i Ultra has been around for some months, and most manufacturers' BIOS are mature enough to support all of the necessary tweaks. If you are having trouble getting there, I recommend seeking out hardware reviews, or getting in touch with your memory's or motherboard's customer support for help.

The price of DDR3-2000 memory has dropped considerably to say the least. The first DDR3-2000 kit that I had my grubby little paws on, back in June of last year, cost well over $500. A quick look at my favorite online retailer shows every DDR3-2000 2 gig kit, save one that has included fan and other stuff, is available under $200.

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