Sirtec High Power 400w VGA Booster
Author: Zahn Funk
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 01-08-2008
Provided by: Sirtec

Has this ever happened to you? You just upgraded your PC, you got the latest motherboard and processor, several gigs of fast memory and a high-end video card so you can play that cool new game that just came out. You put the system together and get your OS loaded, only to see a warning that your video card performance will be degraded because it isn't getting enough power. Doh! You forgot to consider a power supply as part of your upgrade.

In many cases that video card is the culprit. High-end graphics cards place a huge demand on the +12v supply of a system. And even if you purchased a power supply recently, say in the last two or three years, chances are it's 500 watts or less. Many older power supply designs did not allocate enough power to the +12v output to handle both the system and separate power connections for the video too. On these units you'll typically find a single +12v output rated at 20A or less.

So what can you do in this case? Slap down $250 or more for an 800w or 1000w unit? Power supplies can eat up 25% of your PC budget, and it's a shame to have to consider ditching a perfectly good working one just because it doesn't have quite enough juice for your GPU.

Well, Sirtec just might have the answer for you. You might not have heard of Sirtec before but they are an OEM of power supplies for such brands as Thermaltake, Coolmax and Lian Li. I used to own a Tt TruePower model which happened to be made by Sirtec so I was actually already familiar with their products. Today I will be looking at their latest offering which is a dedicated VGA power supply or "Booster" as they call it. It fits into a single 5" drive bay and has dual +12v rails rated for 18A each, with a combined total peak of 40A or 420W.

Continue as I take a closer look at the Sirtec High Power 400w VGA Booster.

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