SilverStone OP1000 Olympia 1000w Power Supply
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Frank Stroupe
Date: 03-06-2007
Provided by: SilverStone
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First Look

Inside the retail box we find the OP1000 power supply wrapped in clear plastic to protect the outer finish along with a white box containing a rather unique power cord (more on that in a bit) and a 6-page user manual that details everything from specifications to power supply protection features. As you can see, the unit itself is rather long... much longer than a standard power supply, that is for sure. From this angle, we get a good look at the rear of the unit. A single 80mm thermally-controlled fan is used to cool the components within. SilverStone rates this fan as follows: 25 dBA @ 300w or below, 30 dBA @ 550w and 42 dBA @ 1000w.

Those with a keen eye for detail will notice the "odd" design of the power connector. On every power supply that I have seen, the three power prongs are arranged vertically. Here we see that SilverStone uses a horizontal prong design which of course, required a different power cord. No worries, as this is included with the OP1000. An on / off switch rounds out the rear of the power supply.

The right side panel of the unit is covered with the typical specs and quality control check stickers. Moving around to the opposite end of the PSU, we see a massive bundle of cables protruding from the casing. A modular design would have been nice here, but I am sure that would add extra manufacturing costs. Also, anyone looking for this "serious" of a power supply would like one less thing to worry about (modular cable coming loose, etc.). As mentioned earlier, the Olympia 1kw power supply is much longer than a "standard" power supply. We measured our unit right at 9" in length. The width of the unit is the same as any other power supply.

More ahead as we check out the included cables and connectors of the SilverStone OP1000 power supply...

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