SilverStone FT03 Micro ATX Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 05-08-2011
Provided by: SilverStone
First Look - Exterior

As mentioned on the previous page, the FT03 is available in either black or silver finishes. We were sent the black model which looks great. The outer panels are constructed of aluminum, although not brushed like most aluminum chassis panels.

SilverStone is going for a minimalistic theme with this case as evident by the slot-loading optical drive and lack of side panel windows and lighting. The front panel features the SilverStone logo and a single opening for the optical drive. On the left side panel is a removable plastic grate with a dust filter covering half of the opening.

There's not much to see at the back of the case. That's because the motherboard tray has been flipped vertically and all of the cables connect at the top of the chassis (with the exception of the power cable that connects underneath the chassis. The right side panel is equally as featureless as the rear.

On the bottom of the case are four rubber case feet that raise the system off the ground, but due to the design of the panels, you can't see them unless you are looking at the bottom of the chassis.

SilverStone has added a large removable dust filter here as well that is thoughtfully held in place with a series of tiny magnets. This actually works really well and is something I'd like to see on future cases from the company and others.

You can also see the small slot where the power cable plugs into the system. As we will see in a bit, the power supply uses an extension cable which terminates here.

We find the rear I/O area at the top of the case which is covered by a plastic grate that is easily removable. The system accepts Micro ATX boards and has slots for four expansion bays as well as a 120mm exhaust fan and a removable 3.5" hard drive bay. Additionally we find the power and reset buttons, LED indicators, two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks.

Normally I wouldn't care for pass-through USB 3.0 cables since they run through your entire system but since the ports and cables are all at the top and covered by the plastic grate, this isn't an issue.

Let's move ahead and check out the interior of the FT03.

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