Thermaltake Silent 1156 CPU Cooler
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 03-10-2010
Provided by: Thermaltake

I had intended to compare the 1156 to the retail Intel heatsink but those plans got derailed thanks to my cat knocking said Intel heatsink off the kitchen counter, effectively bending the push pins on the mounting bracket. I possibly could have bent them back into place but I didn't want to risk having it pop off during use. And since this is the first aftermarket heatsink I have tested with this new system, I will only have results for this heatsink here today.

A constant room temperature of 73F was maintained throughout testing. The Thermaltake V3 Black Edition case panels were installed and it's also worth noting that this chassis only has a single 120mm exhaust fan - no intake fans. I let the thermal paste cure over the course of a week or so before obtaining temperatures. Idle temperatures were obtained after sitting idle at the Windows desktop for 10 minutes. Load temperatures were obtained at the 20 minute mark of running Prime 95's torture test, which stressed all four processor threads 100%. Temperatures were obtained using the onboard temperature readout on the EVGA H55 motherboard. All power saving features / Turbo Boost were disabled in the BIOS.

I tested the heatsink at the stock 3.33 GHz as well as an overclocked setting of 4.1 GHz. Below are the temperature results.

EDIT: April 16, 2010 - After testing another heatsink, I discovered something was incorrect with the temperatures I had reported on the Silent 1156. After some research and checking my original notes again, I noticed that I flip-flopped the stock load and overclocked idle temps. They have since been corrected in the chart above. I apologize for the mix up and confusion.

Temperature results here are pretty good, although it's unfortunate that I don't have anything else to compare it to at the moment. I do recall the retail Intel heatsink would sit around the mid-upper 50s under load at stock clocks and well over 80C at 4.0 GHz in an open air setup (not installed in a case). Here the Silent 1156 loads at only 70C at 4.1 GHz, an additional 100 MHz, inside a case with only one cooling fan.

Continue ahead as we wrap things up.

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