Thermaltake Silent 1156 CPU Cooler
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 03-10-2010
Provided by: Thermaltake
First Look

Inside the retail box is the heatsink / fan assembly, two mounting brackets, four small screws, a tube of thermal paste, installation manual and a Key 3 Spirit document with a case badge affixed.

The Silent 1156 uses a 92mm PWM fan that spins from 800 - 1,700 RPM. As we mentioned earlier, the fan moves up to 36.2 CFM of air at up to 22 dBA. The power cable is braided in black mesh and terminates into a 3-pin header.

The fan attaches to the heatsink using a plastic shroud that should make removal easy should you need to clean the fan blades or the fins of the cooler. Speaking of fins, I counted 39 total aluminum fins mounted to the 8mm thick copper heatpipes. The fins are undamaged, something we sometimes find with heatsinks that have multiple open air fins.

The Thermaltake "Tt" logo is embossed on the top fin of the hetasink with the Thermatake name engraved in the fan shroud. On the bottom we find a solid copper base. This is not a direct-touch style cooler. The heatpipes are sandwiched between this copper base and an aluminum upper piece that the mounting hardware attaches to.

Let's continue ahead and get the Silent 1156 installed in the test system.

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