Sigma Shark SP-635 635 Watt Power Supply
Author: Frank Stroupe
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 12-14-2007
Provided by: Sigma Products
A Closer Look

I mentioned earlier that the Shark is a little different. The case is aluminum, with cooling fins on the bottom sides of the case. No, not particularly radical, but hey, we enthusiasts are all about individualism. Definitely something out of the ordinary. Cooling comes from a pair of 80mm fans, both on the bottom of the case.

Even the venting on the ends of the case are something a little different. The hexagonal holes punched in a hexagonal pattern have an antique look, kind of like vacuum tube equipment from yesteryear. Being into old guitar amps and other tube equipment, I really like the look.

The case is made of fairly thick aluminum, and the sides and top of the case are milled, which not only contributes to the look, but adds to the surface area for cooling.

The cables are covered in black mesh and are well finished with heavy heatshrink tubing. They are plenty long enough to use in a full tower or mini-server. As you can see, there are filters on the PCI-E cables.

Though expected on a less expensive PSU, the Shark is a little light in the heatsink department, but this should be more than sufficient to take care of business.

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