Bitfenix Shinobi Window Case
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-29-2011
Provided by: Bitfenix
First Look Inside

Installation hardware is included in a brown box along with an instruction manual. The hardware consists of the usual screws, standoffs, and plastic feet for the case if you wish to raise it off the ground. Since it is a bottom mount PSU, most configurations will be sucking in air from the underside of the case. As such, it's recommended that you attach the included case feet. Taking a look at the interior, we can see the large mainboard cutout, filtered intakes and various holes for cable routing.

Taking a look at the drive bays, we see there are three 5.25 bays and a whopping eight 3.5 bays. Bitfenix has included support for 2.5 drives with an included 5.25 drive bay adapter. There are no rails, but we will cover that during the install part of this review.

Flipping the case around we can see some room to route cables behind the motherboard tray to help clean up your build. The last picture is of the top panel cables. The cables are typical and clearly labeled.

On the next page we are going to get some hardware installed in this case.

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