Bitfenix Shinobi Window Case
Author: Jakob Barnard
Editor: Shawn Knight
Date: 07-29-2011
Provided by: Bitfenix
First Look – Outside

The case arrived in a fairly typical brown box with black lettering. The Bitfenix logo is clearly displayed and the green dot indicates this case is the windowed variant. Opening the box we find the case came packed in foam end caps and wrapped in a plastic bag to protect the case from being scratched during shipping.

The case itself catches my attention right off the bat with its minimalistic styling. The case is painted with a flat black spray and there is no drive bay cover or door. The flat black is supposed to be “finger print resistant.” The texture almost feels rubbery, but it indeed is finger print resistant. This is quite different than the glossy finishes I have seen on most cases lately.

On the back we see the rear exhaust fan, seven expansion slots, water cooling ports and a bottom mount PSU opening. I have said this before on other case reviews, but I am glad the trend of putting the power supply on the bottom has made its way to the general market. It tends to make cable routing cleaner and give cases a little bit better balance. The far side panel of the case is solid black.

The front of the case is equally plain with three drive bays and the only feature being the Bitfenix logo. On the top of the case we find four USB ports, audio jacks, reset button and power button. They are well positioned and flush with the top of the chassis.

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