SilverStone SG05-450 SFF Chassis
Author: Shawn Knight
Editor: Zahn Funk
Date: 12-23-2010
Provided by: SilverStone

I will be installing the following hardware in the SG05-450:

Intel Core i5 661
Zalman CNPS8000A CPU Cooler
Gigabyte H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX
Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4GB DDR3
Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue 64GB SSD

The Core i5 661 I am using features Intel HD Graphics built into the CPU and combined with the H55 chipset on the Gigabyte board, I won't need a discrete graphics card.

The first step in installation was to install the processor in the motherboard. From there, I applied some Arctic Silver 5 and attached the Zalman heatsink. Note that the CPU fan was connected to the board using a Zalman voltage regulator. The CPU fan is a little noisy at full speed and the regulator reduces the fan speed, resulting in a much quieter fan. The two memory modules went in next which completed the pre-install for the motherboard.

Next I removed the optical drive / 2.5" drive tray as well as the 3.5" drive cage. Although I only ultimately used a single 2.5" SSD in the installation, I snapped a photo of how a traditional 3.5" drive mounts in the cage.

SilverStone also included one of their white LED SST-AP121-L 120mm Case Fans. I will be replacing the stock fan with this model which will add a bit of color to the build.

Normally at this point you would install a slim optical drive into the optical drive bracket, but unfortunately I do not have a slim drive on hand. Instead, I will be using SilverStone's TS05 External USB 2.0 Blu-ray Drive.

From here, you can go ahead and install the motherboard into the case. The board is held in place with four screws, one in each corner. You can also make all of the necessary power and other cable connections to the board.

Finally, reinstall the optical / 2.5" drive tray and the 3.5" tray. If you don't plan to use a 3.5" drive, you can leave this out and free up a little bit of room inside the chassis.

As you can imagine, space is certainly limited inside the case. I discovered that since I wasn't installing an optical drive, I could route all of the unused power supply cables into this bay to further reduce clutter and improve airflow from the front fan. Doing this resulted in a much cleaner install than I anticipated.

With everything installed, let's continue ahead and wrap things up with some final thoughts and a conclusion.

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